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Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend

About the product

Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend is an American product from a company named ME Brands. Curiously, I can’t find any traces of this company online so I cannot give you any details about this company’s reputation.

Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend official website – is also offline and is currently not registered to any company or webmaster. So the label on the bottle that shows its official site is truly not operational. These two facts are already big question marks especially if you are looking for a credible and dependable slimming pill.

Okay, so what does Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend can do for you? Well, as aforementioned earlier, this pill contains herbs and fruit extract that are all known weight loss compounds. This diet pill is designed for both physically active and non-active women who wants to lose weight fast.

Some of the health benefit claims of Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend include:

  • Potent weight loss formula
  • Increase your metabolic and energy levels
  • Effectively curbs your appetite
  • Improve mental and physical performance
  • Provides vitamins and minerals for overall health


There are nothing new with regards to the ingredients of Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend. Most of its blend are also found in most fat burners and metabolic enhancers.

Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend has three active ingredients – raspberry ketone, green coffee bean extract and garcinia cambogia fruit extract. All of these extracts are proven effective and safe for weight loss and overall health.

Plus, Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend has a proprietary blend called Ms Energy Blend. This formula includes goji fruit extract, pomegranate fruit extract, noni fruit extract, cinnamon twig, green tea extract, yohimbe bark, galangal rhizome, glucuronolactone, naringin, acai fruit extract, guggulsterones and hoodia gordonii extract.

Other ingredients of Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend include thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid and niacin. Its inactive ingredients include gelatin, silica, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide and rice flour.

Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend

How does Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend Work?

Like many other weight loss supplements in the market, Ms Energy Super Weight Loss Blend utilizes its proprietary formula to produce weight loss. Its Ms Energy Blend is composed of known herbs and fruit extracts that can stimulate your body positively. This blend can produce more fat burning action while helping you to curb your appetite.

Its three main active ingredients are all proven and safe for weight loss. Garcinia cambogia for example is a very popular fruit extract in the weight loss industry today. Its hydroxycitric acid (HCA) has been researched and tested to help curb your appetite while blocking the formation of fat cells from sugar and carbs.

Raspberry ketone contains potent extracts to help enhance the efficiency of your metabolism, turning your body into a fat burning machine. Unknown to many, raspberry ketone can also trigger your body’s natural thermogenic state where it increases your body temperature for more fat burning action.

Lastly, green coffee bean is known for its powerful chlorogenic acid, a compound that helps lower blood sugar levels, eliminates body toxins, curbs appetite, boosts energy and metabolic levels, perfect for blood circulation and is also touted as a powerful fat burning compound.


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