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GNC Women’s Ultra Mega-Energy & Metabolism Caplets

Great for Energy and Metabolism.  A daily multi vitamin that enhances your energy level so you can be more active and rev up your metabolism.

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on August 3, 2013

I started my weight loss journey about two years ago…. I bought ALL kinds of multi vitamins! This one by FAR is the BEST! With three beautiful kids,my wonderful husband,and a full time job, I need lots of energy to get through my day..ESPECIALLY if I need to add working out into my routine! These multi vitamins boosted my energy,suppressed my appetite,and made me feel AMAZING with no bad side effects! I was able to loose 40lbs! I ran out and didn’t have the funds for more for a while, and tried cheaper ones again. I know discipline is a biggg part of weight loss so it was my fault, but with the cheaper multivitamins I just didn’t have energy and had to try hard to just stay awake so I went back to old habits and gained back 20lbs!! 🙁 I was extremely disappointed in myself! I broke down and bought more to help me again and I’m right back on track! My energy is back,appetite suppressed again, and if I DON’T work out at the end of the day to wear myself out I can’t sleep I have so much energy! Haha. I will never again buy another multivitamin! It does have a DISGUSTING smell and taste,but because of it’s benefits it is still DEFINITELY worth it to me!




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