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GNC Pro Performance CLA 1000

GNC Pro Performance CLA 1000 uses the innate power and goodness of 100%Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA as it is more commonly known, to bring about significant fat loss results in its users. Derived from natural and pure safflower oil, this high impact dietary supplement has been clinically proven to fuel metabolism which in turn leads to faster fat burning activity. They have the ability to increase the energy levels of the user to such an extent that not only does the body burn fat round the clock but it also help users get better traction from their workouts.

CLA belongs to a family of isomers that are mostly occurring in various proteins like beef and other meats, cheese and other dairy products. It is a naturally occurring fatty acid that our body needs but are often absent from the restricted diets that we take or the adulterated foods that abound around us without our aware of them. But with supplements like these one can get back the nutrients that one needs and in the process reduce the body fat mass to a large extent.

CLA forms the lipid component of our cell membranes as well as mother’s milk which shows how essential an ingredient it is for healthy human body growth. Increasing select meat and dairy intake would help but one would have to be very careful of how and where the foods have been processed. Extracts from the safflower oil however, are one of the best sources for natural CLA and this is exactly what GNC Pro Performance CLA 1000 uses in its formula. When paired with a balanced diet and regular workouts, this supplement has the potential to literally incinerate the fat deposits in the body.

These powerful softgel capsules have been thoroughly researched by experts and independent agencies who have reported its many benefits as well as its ability to maintain the lean muscle mass. They contain superior Clarinol CLA levels that are derived from the aforementioned natural safflower oil to offer a stimulant free and yet potent boost to one’s overall weight-loss goal. There is no starch, no preservatives, no added sugar, flavours or artificial colourants to worry about either. It is absolutely gluten, wheat and sodium free, has no corn, soy, yeast or dairy to limit user intake in case of allergies. By improving the fat metabolism and maintaining the lean muscle mass, it has shown proven results in improving the overall health as well as body composition.

Using this supplement on a daily basis would help users replenish their existing CLA levels. It has the ability to segregate or partition the way the body breaks down the fat and uses the energy thus derived. Not only are the fat deposits systematically chipped away and burned round the clock, it also supplies the body with constant fuel or energy to remain active, perform at one’s best and greatly enhance one’s training and workouts. By increasing lean muscle retention and simultaneously lowering body fat, it helps build up strong muscles and upper body strength as well.


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